The concept of Trocal AluClip is based, one side, upon a tested system, the aluminium platting and, on the other side, upon intelligence in combining the PVC and aluminium.

It is a 6 chamber of thermal insulation system, which combines the advantages of the PVC and of the aluminium, by mounting aluminium panels to the exterior of Innonova 70AD PVC profiles.

Trocal AluClip allows not only any idea of colour, but also the combination of more than one colour on the same window.

In the case of the glass and the hardware, AluClip system allows the manufacturing of the same applications and reaching the same standards as Innonova 70 AD profile, the usage of glass package up to 38 mm width (Ug= 0.7W/m2K) without any additional profiles, and achieving the WK1 and WK2 security classes.

Due the special technology, AluClip is available in a large variety of RAL colours. Moreover, this special technology of aluminium platting can be extended in the case of sliding and harmonic structures.


  • • perfectly combines the advantages of the best isolation offered by the PVC with the resistance offered by the aluminium
  • • keeps all the advantages offered by TROCAL Innonova 70AD profile
  • • allows the realisation of windows and doors exceeding 2.5 metres
  • • it is available in all variety of RAL colours

Thermal insulating coefficient – profile

Uf = 1.30 W/m2K

Thermal insulating coefficient – window

(vitrage 24 mm, Ug = 1.1 W/m2K)

Uw = 1.30 W/m2K

Thermal insulating coefficient – window

(vitrage 38 mm, Ug = 0.7 W/m2K)

Uw = 1.15 W/m2K

Sound insulating coefficient

Min. 33 dB - Max. 48 dB